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Business Solutions We Can Facilitate:

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Supply Base Management
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Pipe Yard Operations, Storage and Tubular Management
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Warehouse Operations

Supply base management ensures the deliveries, and the handling of offshore cargo and contents get on board the vessel in time for shipping. These may include bulks and any other associated cargo for the target facility.

We introduce a new system for this service and forgo the traditional method of pipe yard operations by using an upgraded system and technology resulting in efficiency, reducing exposure to the elements, and saving our clients time and money. 

Warehousing is provided to Clients and directly managed by ADLI International LLC, via standard and certified warehousing best management practices and the latest supply chain management software.  

Bulk Plant Services
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Materiel and Personnel Transportation

ADLI International LLC provides liquid and dry bulk handling and management at a Schlumberger or company designate bulk plant. Bulk plant services are provided 24 hours, 7 days a week, or as required by client. The Operator is responsible for leasing the acreage.

ADLI International LLC provides journey management process for all hired drivers, while adopting the Client's strict policies and guidelines and managing to ensure safety, and efficiency.  

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Fuel and Water Bunkering
HSSEQ Consulting Services
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Customs Brokerage & Freight Forwarding

Standard brokerage services offered in relation to all applicable authority specific

 regulatory bodies and operating company policies and procedures.

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Training Development and Delivery Services

Fuel and water are main resources and necessities for all Clients. The refueling process entails vessel-to-vessel bunkering handling via certified storage tanks. ADLI International LLC has the capability to handle and remove wastewater, as well as refilling both potable and process water, including pot water essential for drilling operations. Bunkering and storage are specialized activities requiring in-depth expertise in the disciplines of environmental engineering, geology, and ecology.

Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, and Quality consulting services are available and customizable to assist employers comply with all appliable rules and regulations and foreign regulatory frameworks. HSSEQ Consulting Services discussions are protected through a mutual non-disclosure agreement and flexible to meet client's timeframe and budget. HSSEQ Consulting Services are turnkey process and offers ancillary PPE and support services as needed. Scope of work quotes are offered without obligation. 

Training Services are provided includes, but are not limited to OSHA 29 CFR 1910 General Industry 29 CFR 1926 Construction Industry 10-Hours and 30-Hour Cards.

Training Services also features on-demand Process Mapping and development of new Standardized Operating Procedures with corresponding Experience Demonstration Checklists to attest employee competence on instructed subject. 


Training content can be drafted and delivered in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

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