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We are Advanced Drilling Logistics Integrated, a turnkey project management and consultancy company with a vision that distinctly identifies our ultimate goals and comprehensive plans to achieve our ambitions. We endeavor to become the leading provider of exceptional business solutions globally by utilizing the wealth of knowledge, vast experience and skill each member brings to the team.

ADLI comprises qualified professionals in their respective fields with over 50 years of combined experience in industries such as Oil & Gas, Marine, Construction, Occupational Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Quality (HSSEQ). We are advocates for personal development by continuous education, training and stimulating national pride, inspiring confidence in others; through creative and strategic perspective when undertaking any complex project.

HSSEQ is of utmost importance at ADLI International, implementing systems that clearly define accountability and responsibility will inspire confidence, support, and promote a unified team. We shall nurture long term partnerships with our employees, customers and suppliers built on trust, open communication, integrity and professionalism. Our corporate responsibility to the community and environment shall be met with pride and gratification; not only by adhering to the governing rules and regulations but, by social responsibilities as we aspire to elevate the standard of living for our fellow citizens.

ADLI International has a dedicated HSSEQ Operations and Training Department directed by an Authorized OSHA Trainer, capable of preparing and conducting both practical & theoretical training courses for both individuals and groups, which includes 10-hour and 30-hour Cards per OSHA 1910 General Industry and OSHA 1926 Construction Industry.

With our full complement of services, we take an integrated approach to ensure our clients receive exemplary care. Our combined expertise knows no limitations, only possibilities.


On September 2nd, 2021, the United States Coast Guard announced a Managing Director of ADLI International LLC's 3-year appointment as Marine Environmental Protection Advisor to the National Chemical Transportation Safety Advisory Committee (N-CTSAC), advising the Secretary of Transportation on matters pertaining to the safe and secure marine transportation of hazardous materials.

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